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  • JD Proulx

Sunfood E-commerce Facelift


Sunfood's DTC website generated significant revenue for the company, but the website looked like it was built in the 90s and never updated. Poor functionality and a lack of modern features were hurting conversions and most certainly leaving money on the table. We didn't have the budget for a total reconstruction, so I worked within the existing framework to revamp the design.

My role

UX/UI designer, project manager. Worked with a Magento expert to update code and build new features.


  • Work within the limits of a hardcoded infrastructure

  • Poor navigation system and product categorization

  • No mobile site, non-responsive theme

  • No A/B testing functionality

  • No customer rewards system

  • No referral program

  • No abandoned cart program


  • Revamped design for desktop, brand new mobile site

  • Overhaul of navigation and taxonomy

  • Added features: A/B testing, abandoned cart, customer rewards, referral program

  • Conversion Rate increased across the board:

    • Mobile +6%

    • Desktop +85%

    • Tablet +12%

  • 100% increase in revenue from direct traffic

  • Abandoned Cart program added 25% revenue increase

  • 20% growth in total monthly revenue

  • 10% increase in AOV

  • 15% increase in LTV

  • 10% increase in email channel PSV (per session value)

Revamped homepage compared to previous homepage

New mobile friendly designs


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