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  • JD Proulx

Transform your ordinary coffee into something extraordinary

Project: Functional Creamers product launch

Our main competitor had a strong hold on the functional creamer category, and we wanted to disrupt their dominance and steal market share. Our challenge was to educate New to Brand consumers on how to use them, what the benefits are, and how they align with customer care-abouts.

These products aligned with the overall business goal of cross the chasm between early adopters and early majority, with products that fit into mainstream Americans' daily routine.

My role: Product positioning & messaging, omnichannel brand consistency

I created the launch deck to guide internal and agency teams on creative direction for: Photography, Emails, SMS, Landing Pages, Paid media, 3P product pages, Amazon A+ content, and Amazon Brand Page. It was my responsibility to ensure brand consistency across all our selling and marketing channels.

The big challenge of managing separate teams across multiple channels is achieving cohesion while allowing freedom to create channel-appropriate assets. But with a multi-step review and approval process, I was able to set firm guidance on brand integrity up front with a handful of assets, so the teams could have a northstar to follow when building out the full set of assets. Then I would do periodic check-ins or review "big" set pieces as needed and provide specific feedback.

Launch Results:

  • Sold out of product in first 3 weeks (8,000 units)

  • 24,000 units sold 90 days post launch

  • Won the NEXTY Award for Think Functional Creamer

  • Customer reviews averaged 4 stars out of 5


Four Sigmatic delivers efficacy and flavor. Functional creamers are a natural complement to our functional coffees, and an easy entry point into mainstream America's daily routine.


Coffee will never be the same.

Transform your ordinary cup of coffee into an extraordinary functional beverage

Creamer that helps you think. Creamer that helps you chill. Creamer that helps your gut.


Guidance provided by me, with design lead on set with photographer

Color palette that evokes "cream", feels warm and inviting.

Models are using the product, shown with cups of coffee and carafes to make it clear this is a powder creamer, not a liquid

Photographer and on-set art director given freedom to create the scenes they felt worked best in the situation

Email Campaign:

Designed and managed by in-house DTC team

DTC Landing Page:

Designed and managed by in-house DTC team

Amazon Assets:

Designed by external Paid Media agency

Amazon Store Page:

Designed by external Paid Media agency

Utilized infographic created by freelance designer

Social Media:

Mix of internal and agency created paid & organic content


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