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  • JD Proulx

Sunfood Superfoods Packaging Refresh


When I joined Sunfood the packaging for 100+ SKUs was functional, but needed improvement.

One of my first large-scale projects was unifying the brand with an updated, beautiful, cohesive package design that maintained the clean, white style we were known for, while adding callouts that spoke directly to consumer care-abouts.


  • So many products! Over 100 packages needed artwork updates for front and back panels.

  • Some packages were label on bag, some pre-printed

  • Uniform product naming and typography.

  • Artwork creation, blending photography and stock images.

  • Develop tracking spreadsheets and packaging printing SOPs.

  • Navigating legal requirements with claims and nutritional information.


The Sunfood brand was instantly recognizable on the store shelf. When retailers displayed all our products together it became a "sea of white" that drew the customers attention.

More competitors began imitating the "clean white" style with bold text and images (see Amazing Grass, Viva Naturals, Orgain).

Examples of old packaging

Refreshed packaging

  • New imagery is more appetizing, and reflects product usage

  • Moving "Organic" to directly above product name

  • Attribute callouts in top right

  • For blends, a list of ingredients directly on front panel bottom left

  • Product naming updated


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