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  • JD Proulx

It took us 10 years to make this bean

Project: Whole Bean Coffee product launch

For the ten year life of the company there were too many challenges to create a whole bean coffee with added mushrooms and adaptogens. So for years we told customers, "Sorry, it can't be done." Then, a small miracle. We managed to find a way to coat whole beans with our functional ingredients without using binders or adhesives (a big no-no for the brand). This opened the door to a new segment of coffee buyers. And it allowed us to admit that we were wrong.

My role: Positioning, messaging, creative direction, oversee the launch process for DTC, 3P, & Retail (set timelines and milestones, update Launch Deck, communicate with stakeholders and announce company-wide)


5-figure units sold DTC

Six-figure DTC revenue

Launched to Amazon, iHerb,, Thrive Market


Ad creative:

Email campaign:

Teaser video:

Animation video:

PR press kit postcard:

Whole bean infographic:

Amazon Product Page Assets:

Amazon Brand Store Design:


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