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  • JD Proulx

Four Sigmatic Package Update

One of my first big projects was making a small but important update to all Four Sigmatic packaging (40 skus).

The problem we aimed to solve was the hierarchy of messaging on pack not addressing customer care-abouts (benefits), and adding confusion about the product. This problem was amplified on a store shelf where time and space are extremely limited. Our flagship product was constantly confusing customers as to whether it was ground mushrooms, ground coffee, or both.

The solution was to work with stakeholders from sales, marketing, ops, legal, and leadership, and use customer data from surveys, polls, and marketing research to re-order the messaging (and make it more readable).

The added challenge was keeping the label 90% similar so it was still instantly recognizable by current consumers, and creating a system that could be replicated for any future launches.

For such a small change, it was a complex project to manage. But the improved clarity was reflected in positive feedback from consumers and category managers. (Rollout of new packaging was ongoing, data on increased velocity or turns is unavailable).

New vs Old

Benefit - higher visibility, more prominence

"Mushrooms" - moved below name of mushroom for clarity

Title Case - changed from all caps for easier readability


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