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  • JD Proulx

Four Sigmatic Brand Creative

Project: Brand Creative Work

At Four Sigmatic I was responsible for brand strategy and creating a cohesive, unified omni-channel experience. As a digital-first company we relied on a fast and furious creative production schedule to support constant product launches, tentpole events, brand campaigns, and content marketing.

My team and I were focused on producing high quality, engaging, and attention-grabbing content that reflected who we are as a brand while pushing us forward.

Below is a sample of content made over the course of one year, and positive results reflected in social media

  • Social engagement increased 30% (2.7 to 3.5) over 6 months

  • Total social growth rate tripled in that same time (Nov - Mar = .57 > .73 > .93 > 1.1 > 1.5)

  • Paid social CTR rates jumped 20% on omnichannel assets

  • Influencer impressions beat goal by +15% (avg 1.2mm/month)

Brand Photography:

Video Production:

Amazon Brand Store Pages:

Social Media Videos:

Instagram Grid:

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