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Product Launch Case Study: Golden Milk Super Blend

Case Study

Product launches were a constant focus of mine at Sunfood. I was responsible for launching up to 12 products each year. Product messaging, go-to-market planning, package design, and promotion fell under my supervision. I was also part of the innovation team, guiding product development.


  • Use market research, competitive analysis and social listening to determine key insights into product categories.

  • Strategize and execute GTM plan for DTC and retail product launch.

  • Create an integrated marketing campaign to drive sales.

  • Create retail marketing and sales assets to support retail placements.

My role

GTM strategy, copywriting, content creation, marketing management

Launch Process Overview

1. Identify Parameters for Campaign

Launch Date: Sep. 2017 (Expo East)

Market / Category: U.S. / Natural Grocers + Wellness Retailers / Organic food


  • Placement in major retailers / Direct to consumer sales through

  • Steal market share from two main competitors

  • Educate consumers on product benefits / Showcase competitive advantage

KPI: Retail placement / Total Units sold / Total Revenue

Budget: Minimal (cost of product for samples, free-fills for store placement)

2. Research Competition, Market and Target Audience

Competitive/Market Research: Growing demand for all natural anti-inflammation solution / “Turmeric” growth trends, Google trends, Adwords keyword planner

Competitors: Gaia & Jarrow

Price: $.50–$.65 per serving

Competitive Advantage: Brand quality, taste, price per serving, superfood ingredients, organic certified

Audience Research: 35-65, female, married, kids / CA, NY, suburbs, Active lifestyle, yoga, jogging / Soreness, arthritis, joint pain / Affinity for natural solutions

3. Messaging Strategy, Marketing Channels, Promotion


  • Delicious anti-inflammatory powerhouse

  • Joint health & mobility

  • Organic, non-GMO, vegan, sugar free

Marketing Channels

  • Direct: Email / Social / Micro-influencers / Content (Landing page, Video, Recipes)

  • Retail: Email (B2B) / Tradeshow / Sales Enablement (Market research, customer data, product comparisons, promotion opportunities)


  • Direct: Discount codes, Social giveaways, Influencer sweepstakes

  • Retail: IRC (Instant Redeemable Coupons), Sunfood Set inclusion, In-store advertising, Demo program

4. Launch & Content Publishing


  • Email Campaign Series

  • Landing Page Funnel

  • Video Production

  • Blog Articles

  • Blog Recipes

  • Social Content

  • Influencer Content

  • Google Ads & Google Shopping campaigns

  • Facebook Product Ads


  • Sales Tools: sell sheets, competitor score cards, pitch decks, market trends analysis

  • IRC Coupons

  • Shelf talkers

  • Tradeshow booth design, posters, flyers



  • #1 in unique purchases, #4 in total revenue per product within six months

  • Targeted email campaign: 1.2% conversion rate

  • Google Ads & Shopping campaigns generated 2x ROI

  • Landing page: 6,000 pageviews in first 60 days, 11% conversion rate

  • In-house video: 11,000 views in first six months

  • Four month micro-influencer social campaign, 25 influencers 4.4MM follower count, 250k impressions


  • Opened up GNC & Whole Foods = 3,400 stores nationwide

  • Replaced Jarrow at GNC

  • Largest single product order in company history

  • 6-digit unit sales within six months

  • 7-digit revenue within six months

  • Sustained top 5 unit sales spot for 12 months after launch


Product marketing content


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