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  • JD Proulx

Sounds weird. Works wonders.

Project: Thematic storyline and OOH brand campaign to support an omnichannel marketing campaign

My role: Brand strategy, OOH creative strategy and copy & design

I worked with the VP of Omnichannel Marketing on two particular objectives: 1) brand-driven storyline to overlay on an upcoming omnichannel marketing activation, and 2) developing a Brand Initiative as part of the larger campaign.

Together we developed the campaign strategy, which became a detailed creative brief to keep our internal teams and external agencies aligned.

Then I took ownership of developing and executing the brand initiative, which took the form of an OOH campaign in the city of Venice, CA.

I worked with a freelance copywriter on initial concepts and headlines, and executed final copy and designs myself, while managing the media buying agency.

Brand strategy:

Get: people familiar with the functional foods category, but not our brand

Who: are open to trying functional mushrooms and adaptogens

To: remember and consider Four Sigmatic

By: using empathy, authority, social proof, and our unique personality

Omnichannel approach:

Move consumers along the purchase journey across our platforms with an integrated marketing funnel

  • OOH

  • Amazon

  • DTC

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Social

  • PR

OOH Campaign:

We decided on OOH to expand our reach beyond purely digital, and because we felt we had been losing some ground in our own backyard. Two of our competitors had launched OOH campaigns in the area and we felt it was important to stay competitive.

Venice Beach is where Four Sigmatic is headquartered. The demographic of the metro is in line with our target audience, we have good distribution in stores locally, and our awareness is higher than other key metros, but still overall pretty low.

The challenge was bringing the strategy to life when you only have a few seconds of someone's attention. How do you convey the message, grab attention, and bring people into the campaign with a just few words and images? With a mix of billboards, bus stops and wild-postings – all within a relatively small metro – people will be exposed to multiple installations, so I could use the different placements to share different messages.

For example, on the street-level media I could add more copy, but smaller, to literally bring people closer to the campaign.


Goal: 6,000,000 impressions

Result: 9,579,398 OOH impressions (58% above target)


Final artwork:


Bus stop. QR code led to DTC marketing funnel

Sidewalk wall. "Ten years ago, a group of five Finnish friends started selling coffee with these weird mushrooms in it to help people live healthier lives. Today, we’re writing about it on this wall. Now our mushroom coffee is slightly less secret, even more delicious, and still wonderfully effective. And still a little weird too. Or, “outo” as our Finnish founders would say."

Sidewalk wall

Close up of sidewalk wall

Sidewalk wall

In the wild:


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