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  • JD Proulx

Bubbies Ice Cream Rebrand & Repositioning

Project: Rebrand, Repositioning & New Packaging

Bubbies needed a rebrand. It was clear from surveys, packaging reviews, and brand health studies. People love the product, but not the packaging.

We agreed. Bubbies existing packaging (and positioning) didn't stand out on the shelf. As a deliciously fun product, the branding didn't match the experience. And we were up against a brand that was growing very fast, and aiming to steal our shelf space anywhere they could.

Luckily, our product was great (I would say the best in the mochi category), we had great distribution and the business was healthy. There were a lot of positives that a rebrand would help multiply.

My role

Lead the rebrand project


  • Finding the right agency for our brand

  • Balancing evolution and revolution, which elements to keep, which to leave behind

  • Key stakeholder buy-in

  • Guide agency through brand strategy and positioning

  • Fully updated brand guide, story, archetype, voice/tone, graphic design toolbox



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